BAFF was represented at the Presidium meeting of the European Organisation of Military Associations - EUROMIL - held at Limerick, Ireland on 27-28 April, 2012.

The two-person BAFF delegation was led by the Federation's Chairman, Douglas Young. He renewed acquaintance with colleagues from (amongst other countries) Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Montenegro, the Netherlands and Spain, as well as EUROMIL Board members and staff from the small EUROMIL headquarters in Brussels.

Douglas Young also met Paulyn Marrinan Quinn SC, Ombudsman for the Defence Forces of Ireland. BAFF strongly supported the appointment of the UK Service Complaints Commissioner for the Armed Forces, welcomes the work which she has undertaken to date, and wishes to see her powers increased to full ombudsman status.

More about the Limerick Presidium meeting, on the EUROMIL website:

Afternote  At the time BAFF held temporary Observer status with EUROMIL, but did not proceed to full membership. This can be revisited at a suitable time if members wish. The EUROMIL connection was very helpful to BAFF contact with military representative associations in other NATO member countries and Ireland.