Sunday, August 01, 2021

The Bolton News reports that new research is being carried out in Bolton to find out why (according to some sources) there are "so many" Armed Forces veterans in prison. It is a controversial subject, on which serious fact-based research is to be warmly welcomed.

It is thought as many as eight per cent of prisoners in the UK have previous military experience — but the exact number of veterans going through the criminal justice system is not known.

Now, the probation service in Bolton is helping to find out as early as possible whether criminals have any military experience.

It is hoped the data will allow the probation service to better understand the problems facing ex-servicemen, and reduce the disproportionately high number falling into crime.

Dave Ankers, from Bolton Probation Service, himself a Parachute Regiment veteran, is one of two officers helping to co-ordinate the project in Bolton. ...