(Daily Mail 09 Feb 2011).  David Cameron was accused yesterday of breaking his promise over the military covenant — the state's responsibility to its Armed Forces:

The 'covenant' is an informal understanding of the duty of care the nation pledges to troops in recognition of their sacrifices in battle.

The Prime Minister had pledged that it would be rewritten and enshrined in law for the first time in a speech last June on board the aircraft carrier Ark Royal.

The covenant was to be given legal force in an Armed Services Bill, ensuring military personnel and veterans had rights to prioritised NHS treatment, decent housing and proper education for the children of service families.

But it emerged yesterday that Mr Cameron and Defence Secretary Liam Fox have watered this down and will only legislate for ministers to publish an annual report on the covenant, instead.

Last night, the head of the Royal British Legion, Britain's biggest military charity, launched an unprecedented attack on the Government...