On the last day for posting parcels to Camp Bastion, BritishForcesNews reports (02 Dec) that with comedy home movies posted on the internet having become something of a seasonal tradition, first out with their camcorders this year are the men and women of the Royal Logistic Corps's Eighty Postal Courier Squadron bracing themselves for a busy time ahead... Related links below.



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  • Goodwill parcels to troops. The Ministry of Defence advises that:

    The Enduring Families Free Mail Service is intended only for the use of the families and close friends of those deployed on operations.

    As well as mail, our logistic supply chains move essential equipment, including food, medical supplies, and ammunition.

    Please do not send unsolicited goodwill parcels.

    Goodwill parcels sent by members of the public to personnel serving on operations place a significant strain on the logistic supply chains, and can place personnel at additional risk because of the extra helicopter flights and road convoys needed to get the parcels to the front line. Moreover, such parcels also delay personal letters and parcels sent by families and friends, especially at Christmas.

    This is why we ask members of the public not to send unsolicited parcels to troops on operations - please consider instead one of the other ways to show your support, described here: Public Support for Our Service Personnel.