Defence Minister meets Linda Gilroy MP and Defence MinisterLinda Gilroy MP today (7 Sep 2009) met with Defence Minister Kevan Jones MP, accompanied by representatives of the British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF).

They discussed ways in which BAFF can engage with the Ministry of Defence.

The British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF) was launched in 2006 as a staff association, seeking to represent all ranks and services of the British armed forces. It is not a trade union, but seeks to provide a voice on matters affecting personnel such as accommodation, welfare, pensions and healthcare.

It has modelled itself on similar military organisations in other countries which have official government recognition and points to the Police Federation of England Wales as a similar example.

Linda Gilroy said

“I became interested in the potential for a formal staff association when I was taking part in the Defence Select Committee’s investigation into recruitment and retention. Such an organisation could make an important contribution to morale and operational effectiveness by providing a means by which service personnel can be engaged more directly with the decision making process”

“Today’s meeting was very useful. The Minister was clearly interested to learn more about BAFF and the advantages it could offer. Further discussions are now planned about how such an organisation could be developed in the UK”.

Linda Gilroy MP (Plymouth Sutton) is a member of the House of Commons Select Committee on Defence and the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme.

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" While some senior commanders have argued that any independent organisation designed to ''fight for the rights'' of British troops is completely unnecessary and threatens a dangerous breakdown of military discipline, others, such as the late Lord Garden, a former RAF Air Marshal and veteran of the first Gulf War, have been ''surprised talking to retired senior military people who are prepared to think about it, saying there might be a case for it''. "
Out of Step, the case for change in the British armed forces, T Edmunds & A Foster, Demos think tank 2007

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