Outcome of CAFFUK trademark attempt to suppress BAFF

The 4-year campaign by "Combined Armed Forces Federation UK" (CAFF UK) pre-1975 leavers to suppress BAFF has finally been seen off, after a series of rulings in BAFF's favour.

This tedious saga is now at an end, but if any member wishes more information, please click the headings below.

Article posted 02 May 2011, later expanded.

Tag: Pre-1975 Service Pensions

Welcome to British Armed Forces Federation - BAFF - independent all-ranks staff association for members of any branch of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, British Army and Royal Air Force, including the reserves. All current UK service personnel of any rank are eligible to join and, as BAFF is not a political organisation, to take an active part in its activities if they wish. Former regular or reserve forces personnel are also very welcome.