Thursday, June 13, 2024

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NHS doctors who are members of the reserve forces are reporting difficulty obtaining time off for their reserve forces training.

NHS Trusts have also been showing increasing reluctance to recruit staff who are members of the armed forces.

These reports relate to doctors. BAFF is also prepared to publicise any similar problems for other professional NHS staff who are members of the reserve forces.

Defence Medical Services - Question (House of Lords, 25 November 2009)

Lord Lee of Trafford (Liberal Democrat): Is the Minister aware that the BMA is reporting that an increasing number of health trusts are making life very difficult for their reserve doctors in fulfilling their training obligations and, indeed, are increasingly reluctant to recruit them in the first instance? Will she liaise with her opposite numbers in the Department of Health and make it clear to those health trusts that they have a national obligation at a time of war to release their reserve doctors for their appropriate military service? Those that refuse to do so should be named and shamed.