Will there be any continuing reserve liability after redundancy?

Although this may seem a rather remote issue to those currently considering their options, the question has been asked, and the answer may be surprising.

This article, originally posted on 18 January, is topical because of a report in today's Daily Telegraph (09 Apr).

Naval Service and Royal Air Force

ALL personnel made redundant in Tranche 2 from either the Naval Service or the Royal Air Force will be subject to the normal reserve liability, in accordance with the detailed rules applicable to their service, rank, type of commission etc.

In general this applies to all ranks, including Ratings/Other Ranks, as well as commissioned officers.

See para 42 of DIN 2012DIN01-020 for the relevant detail for the Naval Service. and para 33 of DIN 2012DIN01-022 for the relevant detail for the RAF.

The duration of your reserve liability will vary according to rank, age and length of service, etc. Individuals should enquire through usual channels if they wish to know this before leaving.


For the Army, on the other hand, only commissioned officers will retain a reserve liability on redundancy.

Soldiers selected for compulsory redundancy will have their service terminated in accordance with Queen's Regulations paragraph 9.409 and as such will have no regular reserve liability. Paragraph 9.409 of QRs is about "Discharge from the Colours on reduction of the establishment of his Corps".

See para 55 of DIN 2012DIN01-017  for the relevant Army detail.


For all of the services, these rules apply regardless of whether the service member is a volunteer or non-volunteer for redundancy. All redundancies are compulsory once selected.

Footnote - Joining the volunteer reserve forces after redundancy

This question has also come up today. We would not expect any obstacles to be placed in the way of ex-redundees enlisting in the volunteer reserve forces, subject to the appropriate age and medical requirements, etc. Rank is not automatically retained, but officers are matched with officer vacancies.

This may seem an academic question right now, but people have successfully done this after previous redundancy rounds, and some have served with distinction on operational tours.


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