Results of new study into number of former service personnel on probation

A joint statement by Defence and Justice Ministers has revealed the results of a DASA study into the number of former service personnel on probation in England and Wales. DASA estimates that 3.4% (or 5,860) of those supervised by probation trusts in England and Wales, as at 30 September 2009, had previously served as regulars in the UK armed forces.

Some of the results:

  1. Only 6% were placed on supervision within a year of leaving the service.
  2. DASA estimates that overall, a male member of the general population aged 18-54 was 12% more likely to have a probation supervision record than a former member of the armed forces. The proportion of the general population who had probation records for criminal damage was 74% higher than for a veteran.
  3. The above statistics appear relatively reassuring. On the other hand, DASA determined that the proportion of ex-service personnel subject to probation supervision records for robbery was 37% higher than the proportion of the general population of similar age group.

Former national servicemen were excluded from the study, as were female veterans. Identifying data for offenders declared as ex-armed forces was verified against MoD personnel data.

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