Following President Hollande's acceptance of the Pêcheur Report on the consequences of the ECHR judgements of 2 October, the French National Assembly's Defence Committee will be taking evidence on Wed 21 January from allied defence attachés, including a Captain RN from the United Kingdom, about freedom of association and the right to organise for military personnel. UPDATE: Video of attachés' hearing now available HERE. Video of Tuesday's hearing with Pêcheur Report author available HERE. Transcript of evidence by UK Naval Attaché now available HERE.

In Wednesday's session, the witnesses were Gen Hans-Dieter Poth, Defence Attaché of the Federal Republic of Germany, Col Ann Dubois, Kingdom of Belgium, Col Jan Blacquière, Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Captain Christopher Clough, UK Naval Attaché and Assistant Defence Attaché.

On Tuesday the Defence Committee heard M Bernard Pêcheur, chair of the section of the administration of the State Council and author of the report on the consequences of ECHR judgments of 2 October 2014.