Sunday 5 December 2021

The Scottish National Party is to consider a proposal to grant "enhanced terms and conditions" to personnel in an independent Scottish Defence Force, including the official right of representation by a recognised body. UPDATE: The proposals were unanimously approved by the SNP party conference at Perth on Friday 18 Oct. More to follow.

A report by Andrew Picken in today's Sunday Post (08 Sep 2013) reveals that

"The move to create official representation for troops - commonplace across Europe - would be part of an overhaul of conditions for armed force personnel in Scotland, including a ban on compulsory redundancies and a review of pay rates.

Anyone joining the proposed Scottish Defence Force would also have the promise of a "full ranks career structure" and better troop rotation."

The proposal by SNP Defence spokesman and Westminster leader Angus Robertson MP will be discussed at next month's SNP national conference in Perth.

The newspaper says that the "Nationalist charm offensive on frontline troops is an acknowledgement that any newly-formed Scots force would face stiff competition for recruits from what would remain of the UK in the event of a Yes vote."

A similar proposal to accept the right of representation - but this time for personnel of the UK armed forces - is due to be discussed at the Liberal Democrat autumn conference.