The BAFF line on Manning Control

From one of our earlier articles about Manning Control, a policy used by the British Army to dismiss soldiers who are considered to be "not fit for a full army career":

We accept the principle that the Army and other services are entitled to manage personnel who for one reason or another are not fully effective, and ultimately to terminate their careers early. We also recognise the seriousness of the problem being experienced by commanding officers who are expected to hold injured or unfit personnel on their strength. But we insist on everyone affected by this policy being treated fairly and with consideration, as was not always the case when manning control was used before.

The BAFF chairman gave a BBC radio interview about this earlier in the year.

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" While some senior commanders have argued that any independent organisation designed to ''fight for the rights'' of British troops is completely unnecessary and threatens a dangerous breakdown of military discipline, others, such as the late Lord Garden, a former RAF Air Marshal and veteran of the first Gulf War, have been ''surprised talking to retired senior military people who are prepared to think about it, saying there might be a case for it''. "
Out of Step, the case for change in the British armed forces, T Edmunds & A Foster, Demos think tank 2007

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