Saturday 28 May 2022

May 2022

11 - Former BAFF chair Doug Young was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland about a new genetic study by UT Southwestern in Texas which links Gulf War Syndrome to a combination of exposure to nerve agent Sarin and a relatively weak variant of a gene that helps the body to break down Sarin.

Mar 2021

31 - British Armed Forces Federation was again mentioned in the House of Commons Bill Committee consideration of the Armed Forces Bill, crediting BAFF's role in pioneering the case for representation for service personnel:

New clause 19 is designed to provide for the establishment of a federation for the armed forces. It owes much to the British Armed Forces Federation, which pioneered service representation. 

25 - BAFF's support for extending the scope and enforceability of the Armed Forces Covenant was mentioned by Kevan Jones MP in a session of the House of Commons Bill Committee considering the Armed Forces Bill:

The scope of the Bill needs extending if the covenant is to have teeth in practice. As my hon. Friend the Member for Portsmouth South has mentioned, that move would be supported by the Royal British Legion and the British Armed Forces Federation, because a lot of the issues that affect members of the armed forces are completely outside the scope of local authorities, the devolved Administrations and others. One issue that has been raised ... is around foreign and Commonwealth soldiers.

Nov 2020

03 - BAFF's position on the Overseas Operations etc Bill was mentioned in an opinion piece "The Tory war crimes immunity bill is betrayal of the troops by their officers" by former soldier Joe Glenton:

It is true that the British Armed Forces Federation (a talking shop which occasionally plays at being a military union before shying away from the role) and the Royal British Legion (an organisation designed to bring the radicalised soldiers of WW1 “back to their old leaders, the officers”) were critical of the bill. But these establishment organisations can’t replace the voices of real soldiers, sailors, and airmen. Those in the ranks appear to have been largely frozen out of a process which will affect them most of all.

03 - BAFF was quoted by John Healey MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, in the House of Commons Report Stage debate about the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill:

On civil claims, the former chairman of the British Armed Forces Federation said:

“Imposing an absolute time limit places armed forces personnel claimants themselves at a disadvantage compared with civil claimants in ordinary life”.

Oct 2020

06 - Emma Norton, a lawyer specialising in soldiers' rights, former head of the legal team at Liberty and founder of the Centre of Military Justicesaid in her evidence to the same House of Commons Bill Committee that:

We heard some compelling and moving testimony this morning. I was particularly struck by the gentleman from the British Armed Forces Federation ...

06 - BAFF former Chairman Douglas Young gave oral evidence to the House of Commons Bill Committee considering the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill.

Sep 2020

13 - BAFF research was quoted in a House of Commons Briefing Paper - Armed Forces Pension Scheme - preserved pensions.

Jun 2019

06 - BAFF spokesman Adrian Weale was interviewed about D Day and what has changed for today’s forces veterans. He said that while not every veteran needed help, some did and their needs had become to an extent neglected during the Cold War. While more provision had been made through charities there was a need for ring-fenced funding through a separate department.

25 Feb 2019

The former BAFF chairman was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme about the Defence Committee's report on Mental Health and the Armed Forces, Part Two: The Provision of Care.

Dec 2018

15 - Ex BAFF chairman Douglas Young was quoted in a BBC online story and related broadcast about a homeless veteran's journey back into work, and the UK Government's recently-published policy paper Strategy for Our Veterans and related consultation paper, which Young urged people with experience of such issues to take a look at.

Nov 2018

05 - The former BAFF Chairman was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland about the UK Government's lifting the 5-year residence qualification for recruits from Commonwealth countries and to increase the number of Commonwealth recruits gradually to 1350 per year. Young reportedly pointed out that the residency requirement had not always applied and that it had already been lifted in respect of those with defined specialist skills.

Apr 2018

13 - The BAFF former Chairman took part in a discussion on BBC Radio Scotland about a trial scheme proposed by Maurice Corry MSP involving veterans joining Police Scotland initially part-time as special constables, with further opportunities for promotion in the future. Pointing out that veterans were generally a very attractive proposition for any employer, Young felt that such a scheme could be of benefit, although he agreed with Scottish Police Federation General Secretary Calum Steele that policing and military roles were (rightly) very different forms of uniformed public service.

Jan 2018

10 - Former BAFF Chairman Douglas Young was interviewed on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme about the new "inclusive" Army adverts.

10 - Young was also interviewed about this on STV's Scotland Tonight programme, in discussion with ex Royal Marine medic Cpl Cassidy Little, who lost a leg in Afghanistan in 2011. Young tells us that he was fairly supportive of the adverts - before seeing the "stopping for prayers while on patrol" version.

Oct 2017

24 - We understand that former BAFF Chairman Doug Young was interviewed on BBC Radio about the SSAFA study identifying loneliness and isolation amongst former service personnel.

Apr 2017

02 - Former BAFF Chairman Douglas Young was quoted in a Daily Record story about Royal Regiment of Scotland troops helping to train national personnel in Qatar and Oman.

Mar 2017

09 - BAFF former chairman Doug Young was interviewed on the BBC's Reporting Scotland TV news programme about today's drumhead service and unveiling of a memorial in Central London to commemorate those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan from 1990-2015.

Feb 2017

14 - The British Armed Forces Federation's former chairman Doug Young was interviewed on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme about Ministry of Defence proposals affecting compensation for injury or death of armed forces personnel on operations. Young explained some of the arguments for and against the published proposals, and encouraged anyone with views on this to respond to the MOD consultation which closes on Thursday 23 February.

07 - Former BAFF Chairman Doug Young took part in a lively discussion for Radio Scotland about plans, reported in the Daily Mail, to set up Army Cadet Force detachments in selected State schools in Scotland. Young pointed out that there were already seven pilot detachments and that the plans were supported by Education Scotland and the relevant local Councils. He disagreed with claims by 'Forces Watch' and 'Veterans for Peace' that such educational choices were aimed at producing 'cannon fodder'. Only 3% of armed forces personnel had been members of cadet forces, but those who had been tended to do well, and significant proportions of RAF officers and RAF aircrew were ex-cadets.