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BAFF welcomes media enquiries on issues relevant to service personnel. We usually have two possible spokesmen available, one normally London-based, and one close to a regional BBC studio with radio and TV 'down the line' facilities, with access also to a regional ITV studio. Other BAFF representatives are available on occasion. If you do not already have contact details for our spokespeople, please use our contact form: see under 'CONTACT' in the top menu.

UPDATE JULY 2015. For media representatives with contact details for Douglas Young, he has now retired from the chairmanship of BAFF which he has held since 2006, but is continuing meantime as a member of the BAFF Executive Council, and may still be available for interview on non-party-political topics.

Media representatives are welcome to exchange contact information in advance.

Please note that we cannot put media in touch with individual members, whether serving or retired.

Serving personnel are subject to DIN 2014DIN03-024: Contact with the Media and Communicating in Public or its successors. (BAFF does not fully agree with all aspects of the DIN.)

Recent stories

A list of recent interviews and quotes featuring BAFF is available here: BAFF in the news.

Media guidelines

The British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF) is a professional staff association launched in late 2006 by serving and former members of HM Forces. It is totally independent of government and the Ministry of Defence and has no party political affliation. 

BAFF spokespeople may offer an informed opinion but will not express an organisational view about national strategic or operational decisions.

BAFF is never a source of "leaks" to the media of information of a genuinely confidential or protected nature.

Use of BAFF logo

Permission is hereby granted to use the unaltered BAFF logo to illustrate relevant news media reports or academic papers. A higher-resolution copy can be found here: BAFF Logo - Registered Trademark.

Media releases

There are no current media releases at this time.

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BAFF is legally constituted as a membership-based not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, BAFF (2006) Ltd, registered in England number 598253. Its Registered Office address is : BAFF(2006) Ltd, 1st Floor, 11 Church Street, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6LS.


British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF) is an independent organisation controlled "by" and provided "for" its members, who are serving and former members of HM United Kingdom Armed Forces. BAFF is owned by its members and is legally constituted as a not-for-profit membership-based Company Limited by Guarantee.


Please use the site contact form to get in touch. Or you can write to BAFF at our registered office address, where BAFF volunteers are NOT normally present. Full contact info here: Getting in touch with BAFF.

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