Sunday, July 21, 2024
The union flag on the shoulder of a British Army camouflage jacket

British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF) supports the principle of sensible arrangements for representing the concerns of armed forces personnel, to work in a constructive relationship with the chain of command but be able to raise issues like pay, accommodation, catering and community facilities with the many agencies which have an impact on their daily lives.

Some of us attending or watching online a RUSI members' event last night [7 Feb 2023] were interested, therefore, to hear remarks by the Labour Party's Shadow Defence Secretary, John Healey MP in reply to a question:

I'm not entirely satisfied with pay review arrangements for our forces, to be honest.

They are in a unique position, not only ... no option ... of the sort of action that other workers do. - I'm certainly not advocating for that - but they have no way of raising their concerns and voicing their priorities - so I feel that there's a two-fold requirement for any new government:

We've got to renew the contract the nation has with those who serve and their families.

And for me that means fixing some of the deep-seated problems in housing, it means recognising the particular probs that families have, particularly if they've got kids, and schools -

but I think it also means finding a way that ensures that the forces outside the chain of command, without penalty, are able to speak up. And that's part of the proposals that I would be looking for Labour going into the next election. And if we get into Government, putting into place.



See also: 'BAFF is politically non-partisan'.

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