Friday, June 25, 2021

Irreverent military bullshit website, the Army Rumour Service - ARRSE for short - has now produced what is laughably described as an insider's guide to the British Army. Author Major Des Astor is described by his own literary agent as "one of the most extensively passed-over officers in British military history". Astor told British Forces News what readers could expect. Update: This fine training pamphlet is now available in Kindle format, as well as in handy wipeable hardback.


What ARRSErs are saying about The Official ARRSE Guide to the British Army

"fecking hilarious" - Auld-Yin

"An essential addition to any Mess library, it is destined to become the go-to reference book for filling out subbies' essays with meaningless, yet usefully lengthy, quotes. 4 Mr Mushroom Heads. - Captain Crusty

"4 Mr Mushroom Heads? Cheeky c--t: It's easily worth 6. That's your OJAR f----d mate..." - Maj Des Astor
"Paid for mine months ago, not arrived, should I start pestering amazon?" - SLUDGE

"It's not out until next week, thicko." - The Snail

UPDATE: Major Des Astor's Official Arrse Guide to the British Army is now available from all discerning outlets, including Amazon UK and Waterstone's (ONLINE and IN STORE).

BAFF gets a mention - but in a good way - as does the Service Voting Campaign.