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based on a September 2009 article on the NAPO website: Veterans in the CJS - NAPO

Veterans in the CJS

Napo, the trade union and professional association for family court and probation staff, is campaigning about the number of and lack of support for ex-armed services personnel caught up in the criminal justice system. Napo, and many Services organisations, believe that not enough is being done to divert veterans to relevant advice, welfare and counselling services.

Research undertaken by Napo in 2008 suggested that up to 8,500 former Services personnel are currently in prison and another 3,000 on parole. There are also likely to be thousands on community supervision.

The campaign began with a report - published by Napo in August 08.

Ex-Armed Services Personnel in the Criminal Justice System - August 2008

A seminar, sponsored by the Justice Unions' Parliamentary Group and Chaired by Neil Gerrard MP, was held to explore best practice in February 2009. This reported in March. Veterans in the Criminal Justice System seminar 25 February 2009

Napo has now extended its research to look at veterans sentenced to community supervision and a report on this was published on 25 September 2009. You can download a copy of the full report below.

Armed Forces and the Criminal Justice System - 25 September 2009

Meanwhile a further seminar, to brief Defence Minister, Kevan Jones, is planned for 15 October.