Sunday, July 21, 2024

British Armed Forces Federation has, since its inception, been an advocate for sensible independent arrangements to represent legitimate concerns of armed forces personnel and veterans.

Some of the political parties included their own ideas in their manifestos for the 2024 UK General Election. Post-election update: the Labour Party proposed, as they had been saying for some time, the establishment of 'an independent Armed Forces Commissioner':


We will strengthen support for our Armed Forces communities by putting the Armed Forces Covenant fully into law and establishing an independent Armed Forces Commissioner to improve service life. 

Scottish National Party:

We have long campaigned for an Armed Forces Representative Body to accommodate the wide range of needs, concerns, and identities within the Forces Community.

Reform UK:

The [new Armed Forces Justice Bill] will also create an armed forces watchdog to fast-track complaints and appeals in housing and welfare.

Liberal Democrats:

Establishing a ‘Fair Deal for Service Personnel, Veterans and Families Commission’.


Fuller analysis of seven party manifestos here:

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melksham2 replied the topic:
1 week 3 days ago
The role of the new Armed Forces Commissioner is due to be announced in the King's Speech next week.

The new Armed Forces Minister, Luke Pollard MP, told Forces|News that the Commissioner will be "an independent person, able to take up and champion the issues affecting Armed Forces personnel and their families".