Sunday, July 21, 2024

This is taken from BAFF's pre-election analysis of proposals in the various party manifestos about armed forces personnel and veterans. Quotes are from the Labour Party Manifesto 2024.

Defending the UK’s security

Labour’s first duty in government will be to keep our country safe. We will launch a Strategic Defence Review to assess the threats we face and the capabilities needed to address them.

At the heart of our security are the men and women who serve and risk their lives for this country. We will strengthen support for our Armed Forces communities by putting the Armed Forces Covenant fully into law and establishing an independent Armed Forces Commissioner to improve service life. Labour will ensure veterans have access to the mental health, employment, and housing support and in other areas they need.

We will also scrap visa fees for non-UK veterans who have served for four or more years, and their dependents.

Labour also say they will "address the inconsistencies in voter ID rules that prevent legitimate voters from voting. For example, in the case of HM Armed Forces Veteran Cards."

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