Sunday 5 December 2021

There are three main facets to the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill, which is being examined by a committee of MPs which must complete its consideration not later than Thursday 22 Oct 2020:

1.    It would create what has been termed a “triple lock”, to give personnel and veterans greater certainty that the pressures placed upon them during overseas operations would be taken into account when prosecution decisions for alleged historical offences are made. That lock would consist of: a presumption against prosecution for alleged offences committed more than five years ago; a requirement for prosecutors to give weight to certain matters when reaching decisions in such cases; a requirement to obtain the consent of the Attorney General, or the Advocate General in Northern Ireland, before any prosecution can proceed.

2.    It would introduce time limits on bringing civil claims in connection with overseas operations.

3.    It would place a duty on the Government to consider derogating from the European Convention on Human Rights in relation to significant overseas military operations.